Describe the Utilisation of Coconut Shells

The coconut shell is the strongest part of the coconut fruit. It is sandwiched between the flesh or meat of the coconut and coconut husk. The coconut meat inside will get easily damaged when the shell is broken. This is because the shell is the protective layer of the coconut.

It is considered as a God’s gift because you can use all its parts. There is absolutely no waste. While the tender coconut water is a health drink that is truly refreshing, the coconut meat is nutritious and tasty and can be used to make delicious curries. The coconut husk is used to make ropes, carpets, doormats, brushes, car seat covers, and bristles.

While the coconut meat is smooth and milky white, the husk is a fibrous material. It is rough and won’t get damaged easily if it gets into contact with water.

Similarly, the shell also has several amazing uses. We list out some of them.

Coconut shell handicrafts

It is used to make a number of handicraft items, which are in demand all over the world. Coconut shell creations have many takers since the shell is quite sturdy and eco-friendly. It’s handicraft industry is minting money in tropical countries, where tourism industry is thriving. It is ideal for handicrafts as they last long.

It’s used as a fuel

Apart from its decorative use, the charcoal we get when we burn shells is used as fuel. When compared to other charcoals the charcoal we obtain from coconut shell is considered far superior.

Industrial use

The charcoal is extensively used to make active carbon. Active carbon is charcoal that is treated with oxygen, and it is mostly used to get rid of dirt, and several industries use it for purification work. It is also used to brush and whiten teeth after mixing it with water. That is the reason why you see many leading toothpaste brands advertising their products as “charcoal-based”.

When compared to charcoals produced from other sources charcoal created from coconut shell is clean and is of high quality. As coconut trees grow abundantly in India as well as Sri Lanka various plants in these countries produce active carbon.

Beauty applications

Activated carbon produced using coconut shell charcoal has many industrial and beauty applications. Matured one’s are used to get high quality coconut charcoal.

The charcoal is used for barbecuing and grilling as it has a pleasant smell. The cosmetic industry mixes charcoal with thickening agents to produce various gels and creams for the skin.

Musical instruments & sound effects

Half coconut shells were used to make sound effects of a horse’s hoof beats in Hollywood films like the Holy Grail and Monty Python. The base of certain Chinese musical instruments like yea-hu and ban-hu is made using coconut shells.

Fashion accessories

The coconut shell can also be carved out to make fashion accessories like earrings, bangles, necklaces, pendants, and so on. These are also used to make buttons in Hawaii.

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Acing the Freezer Game With Freezer Tips

In today’s time, almost every household has a fridge and some even have more than one refrigerator. However, when it comes to refrigeration maintenance, it is a different ball game altogether. Most people contact techies for fridge maintenance problems.

As a matter of fact, if a fridge is maintained properly, then there will be lower risk of it being breaking down. Thus, we bring an exclusive top freezer tips that help in minimising the risk of freezer breakdowns. The tips are as follows;

• Shutting the Door: The key is to always shut the fridge or freezer door properly. Not closing the door properly results in wastage of energy as well as makes the compressor work extra than what is required. Also, one should avoid stacking boxes around the evaporator along with stuffing the cabinet with bottles which leaves for air to pass.

• Keeping It Clean: People who fail to keep the condenser clean end up paying 8% extra when it comes to energy consumption. One needs to call an engineer for cleaning up the dirt or fluff that covers the components. An engineer also helps in preventing the risk of overheating when the freezer keeps on getting hotter.

• Split Door Seals: When the freezer’s door seal is split, one ends up paying as much as 10-15% more for energy. Split door seals are known to waste large amounts of energy. People should avoid this because it does no good when the kitchen temperature is already hot. The key is to wash the door around the seal with little soapy, warm water and cloth. One should avoid using a knife and check diligently for ill-fitted seals or splits. One should never delay in replacing damaged seals.

• Evaporator and Ice: People with cold rooms should pay close attention to the evaporators because that is where the cold air is being blown from. Problems might arise when there is ice around or on, especially at the rear ends of the evaporator. In case the ice has turned into a stalactite, then it is a grave concern. One should immediately call engineer and get it fixed.

• Woes of the Ice Maker: In case the ice maker is cloudy, then it needs to be de-scaled. The water filter fitted to the freezer should be annually changed. In case of removable filters, one can easily pull it out and place it back after thorough cleaning.

• Temperature Readouts: One should always check the temperature readouts of all the cabinets post a long shift. This is needed to know how the temperature of your display fridge is recovering after being used heavily. In case, the temperature is not recovering to the operating temperature, then an engineer needs to be called quickly.

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23 Amazing Uses for Banana Peels

Banana is a fruit commonly found in most households. Yet – we never realize the diverse benefits and uses that this fruit has. Apart from being a fantastic source of potassium, banana peels are packed with nutrients and vitamins. It holds so much more than just nutrition. It aids us in so many beneficial uses within our daily lives. Next time you eat a banana – preserve it!

Listed below are a range of fantastic and convenient uses:

1. Bruises

Having an unsightly bruise can be embarrassing. Simply rub the inside of a banana peel over the bruise. This will help diminish the appearance.

2. Depression

Wash out the skin of the banana and boil it for a few minutes. Allow this mixture to cool and drink it. Research has found that this concoction can ease depression. It contains a component called tryptophan which stimulates the release of serotonin.

3. Skin Exfoliation

It is great for natural exfoliation. It improves skins complexion. Simply massage your skin two or three times a week. The nutrients absorb into the skin, rejuvenating and removing dead skin cells. The result is soft, youthful skin.

4. Teeth Whitener

Simply rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth to remove stains and give it a whiter glow. Do this for about 2 weeks to reveal a pearly white smile.

5. Shiny Shoes

Banana peel rubbed onto leather shoes is a natural shoe polish. It creates a great sheen.

6. Get Rid of Warts

Rub the peel over warts, or simply tie the peel over a wart before bed time. This will help remove those annoying skin warts.

7. Wrinkle Reducer

Mash it up, add an egg yolk and apply to face. Leave for 10 minutes and repeat weekly.

8. Antidote for Acne

Massage the inside of a banana peel onto your skin. Repeat process 2 to 3 times a day for amazing results.

9. Damaged Hair

Blitz it in a food processor. Apply to hair and allow the nutrients to absorb for 20 minutes. This helps strengthen and moisturize damaged hair.

10. Rashes and Itches

Rubbing it onto skin that is itchy or has rashes, provides instant relief. Not forgetting it nourishes and invigorates dry skin.

11. Silver that Shines

Polish silver by rubbing it with the inside of the banana peel to create shiny gleam.

12. Ripen Avocado

Place an avocado into a paper bag along with it. Leave it for a day and it should be ripe and ready to eat.

13. Remove a Splinter

Apply it onto the splinter. The enzymes in the banana should cause the splinter to move around, making it easier to fish out.

14. Fertilizer

Throw some chopped up banana peels onto your soil – for a cheap yet effective fertilizer.

15. Dark Spots and Scars

Apply some mashed banana peel on your scars and dark spots. This is an effective way to naturally lighten spots and scars.

16. Meat Tenderizer

For a succulent, tender roast, add it into your pot of meat before roasting.

17. Psoriasis

Simply rub the affected area a few times a day, and the dry skin will simply vanish. It will also soothe the skin and prevent itching.

18. Vinegar

It makes a simply marvelous, and nutritious vinegar. You can use this on salads, pickles – or just about any food that requires vinegar.

19. Animals Food

Dry it up – grind them up, and feed it to chickens, rabbits or any type of live stock for a nutritious meal.

20. Make Smoothies

Blitz together some banana peel and any other fruit you prefer for a refreshing smoothie. Bananas contain a large amount of antioxidants which prevent cell damage.

21. Scratched CD

Fix a scratched CD by rubbing the inside of the banana peel over the CD. Wipe with a soft cloth, and say goodbye to that skipping CD.

22. Ink Stains on Skin

If soap and water does not do the trick in lifting off ink stains on skin, simply rub it over your skin and watch the ink magically lift off.

23. House Plants

Liven up dull house plants by rubbing the inside of a banana peel over the leaves. This lifts of dust and creates a lustrous shine.

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Delicious and Healthy Dried Fruit to Try

Once you buy goji berries, you are going to be very happy with them! These red berries are delicious and very filling. They can be a wonderful snack to help you get through the day without relying in foods high in sugar or high in carbs. As a result, you will feel full but you won’t be giving your body empty calories.

Since this fruit is dried, you can enjoy it all year long. You can also savor it and not worry it is going to go bad if it doesn’t get consumed right away. You can even take it with you when you travel for a great snack while you are on the go.

Nutritional Value

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you consume. When you buy goji berries, you will be eager to consume them. You can pack them for lunch, carry some in the car, and give them to the kids for a great treat when they want something to much on. The nutritional value of them is what often encourages people to try them.

Yet it is the great taste that keeps them coming back again and again. It is important to buy goji berries that are organic. This is going to ensure they have the best overall nutritional value to offer to you. Don’t assume you are going to get it, make sure you find out what the process is for creating them and how much nutritional value they really offer. It can vary by product.


Another reason to buy goji berries is due to the volume of powerful antioxidants found in them. They can help you to rid your body of harmful toxins and free radicals. Your immune system is working all the time to strive to help you feel your very best. Eating these delicious berries can help with giving it a boost. Then it will be able to work even better for you than before.

During cold and flu season, buy goji berries as a means of helping you to build up a barrier between you and those germs. It can help you to stay strong and healthy, even people all around you are under the weather. They have three times the antioxidants as what you can gain from consuming pomegranates.

They also help the liver and kidneys to function like they should. These body parts are very important when it comes to successfully flushing the toxins out of your body. When they aren’t working like they should, your body can be harmed from the inside out.

Anti-Aging Properties

Looking your very best is important, and what you eat as well as other lifestyle choices can influence that. Why not buy goji berries for the great anti-aging properties they offer? This is a better choice than using products with harmful chemicals and harsh ingredients found in them. Plus, you will find this great tasting treat is far less expensive.

They have been a well-known anti-aging product from the Himalayans for centuries. Now, they are available all over the world! As you get older, your vision may be adversely affected. These berries can be eaten regularly to help prevent issues developing down the road as you get older.

The skin benefits from the consumption of this super food due to the various vitamins and minerals it contains. Your skin can be hydrated rather than dry. It can also look years younger of you consume them often. If you are in the sunlight often, they can even help to reduce the adverse effects from UV rays.

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